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Family NameGiven NameVolume:Page
FairMary Jane m.183383:50
FairPeter m.180415:92
FairPeter m.1804107:217
FairRachel (Wiltsie) m.1804107:217
FairbairnFrancis m.180615:135
FairbankNathaniel Kellogg136:69
FairbankSusan E. b.186760:179
Fairbanks see Fairbank
FairbanksAddie Mary (Balch) m.187681:108
FairbanksAgnes (Mason)23:152
FairbanksAlice Case (Foster) (Anderson)88:46
FairbanksAlletta (Ackerman)70:173
FairbanksAndrew G.m.183147:395
FairbanksAnn (Evans)19:104
FairbanksAvis (Heckert)85:224
FairbanksBarbara Riker (Estelle)88:48
FairbanksBeatrice Eleanor (Katz)88:47
FairbanksBeeckman Livingston b.191288:47
FairbanksBenjamin Ayer b.190988:46
FairbanksBenjamin Ayer b.194288:46
FairbanksCatherine b.194188:47
FairbanksCharles Mortimer b.184281:108
FairbanksCynthia (Cleveland)88:47
FairbanksCynthia Spring b.194188:47
FairbanksDavid Page b.194188:47
FairbanksDexter 1876-192688:47
FairbanksDexter b.191188:47
FairbanksDexter b.194488:47
FairbanksDorothy W.46:375
FairbanksDouglas, Jr.132:118
FairbanksElijah R.m.182972:168
FairbanksElsie (Herriman)88:47
FairbanksElsie (Wall) m.1865105:75
FairbanksEvelyn (Young)88:47
FairbanksEvelyn Dorothy b.193588:47
FairbanksGraham b.191588:47
FairbanksHannah ()46:375
FairbanksHarry Burnside81:108
FairbanksHelen b.194088:46
FairbanksHelen Ellsworth (Shepard)88:47
FairbanksHelen Graham b.186888:45
FairbanksHelen Livingston (Graham)88:45