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Search Results for family names starting with the letter F.
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Family NameGiven NameVolume:Page
FailingAnn/Maria (Kunigunda)101:129
FailingAnna b.1769101:133
FailingAnna Eva b.1756101:132
FailingBenjamin b.182053:380
FailingBenjamin Ellwood b.182053:11
FailingBenjamin Ellwood b.182353:156
FailingBrayton Earle b.188053:157
FailingBurton E. b.187753:156
FailingBurton Pearl b.188053:157
FailingCatharina b.1759101:132
FailingCatharine (Ellwood)53:5,10
FailingCatharine b.184053:11,158
FailingCatherine ()57:184
FailingDaisy (Johnson)53:156
FailingDieterich b.1767101:133
FailingElisabeth b.1763101:132
FailingElizabeth (Mack) m.189353:158
FailingElizabeth (Van Trigt)16:35
FailingElizabeth b.182353:11,157
FailingElizabeth M. 1829-191154:123
FailingElwood R. b.185353:157
FailingEmma R. b.187653:156
FailingErnest B. b.187453:156
FailingEthel M. b.188653:157
FailingEunice (Gold) m.184453:11,156
FailingEunice E. b.185053:157
FailingEva M. (Smith) m.187953:157
FailingFrank A. b.185753:157
FailingGertrude B. b.188153:156
FailingHeinrich 1709 24y101:129
FailingHenrich Jr. 1718-1764101:130
FailingHenry I.will 182357:184
FailingHenry J.49:281,284
FailingHenry J. b.1772101:133
FailingIda L. b.186053:156
FailingIsaiah b.182253:11,156
FailingJacob 1799101:130
FailingJacob b.1714101:132
FailingJacob J. d.1761101:132
FailingJacobus bp. 170716:35
FailingJames b.183053:11,158
FailingJohan Heinrich101:132
FailingJohann Jacob b.1713101:129