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Search Results for family names starting with the letter A.
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Family NameGiven NameVolume:Page
AbbottAntelope Ivy bp. 187247:136
AbbottArthur G. b.187222:137
AbbottBenjamin b.173239:68
AbbottBertha (Loveland)59:154
AbbottBridget (Miller)68:398
AbbottBridget (Miller)61:224
AbbottBridget (Willie)70:349
AbbottBridget d.162571:48
AbbottBridgett (Willie)67:46,50
AbbottCarl B. b.187522:137
AbbottCatharine Adeline (Tysen)40:44
AbbottCharity 1788-185083:104
AbbottCharles H.101:86
AbbottCharlotte b.179749:312
AbbottChristopher bp. 162861:225
AbbottCloe m.179832:12
AbbottCornelia (Lake) m.192268:298
AbbottCurtis B. m.187022:133
AbbottDaniel b.176649:312
AbbottDeborah (Minturn) m.180581:99
AbbottDesiah () d. 1832 66y80:10
AbbottEbenezer m.179431:242
AbbottEdward bp. 159161:225
AbbottEdward bp. 162361:225
AbbottEdward m.169148:310
AbbottEdward m.176473:63
AbbottEdward W.127:139
AbbottEleanor (Blodgett) m.178649:312
AbbottElijah W.127:139
AbbottElisabet m.1799124:34
AbbottEliza Jones (Hoppin)16:14
AbbottElizabeth m.167842:438
AbbottElizabeth ()70:245
AbbottElizabeth ()67:50
AbbottElizabeth (Geary)125:44
AbbottElizabeth (McKee)112:168
AbbottElizabeth (Spinner)28:48
AbbottElizabeth A. m.185748:64
AbbottElizabeth m.161726:110
AbbottElizabeth m.179977:108
AbbottElizabeth m.180444:387
AbbottElizabeth m.180694:219