The following polices outlines compensation policies for individuals presenting at the 2022 New York State Family History Conference (NYSFHC).  

Those presenting on behalf of an employer or an organizations should take note of the Organization Presenters policy below. 

Conference Format 

The event will include a mixture of livestream, in-person, and on-demand sessions. In some cases, presenters may be asked to present the same topic in more than one format (i.e. in-person presentation and an on-demand recording). 


NYSFHC will provide recording and syllabus material deadlines to all speakers. Additional compensation is available for those speakers who meet optional early deadlines for syllabus materials and other elements. 


All presenters will receive a complimentary conference registration to NYSFHC, including in-person and on-demand events when deadlines are met.  

Individual Honorariums 

Speakers will receive honorariums per each session delivered per the following guidelines:  

Session compensation Livestream In-person On-demand Bonus for early submission Bonus for early recording completion
One-hour session $200 $200 $200 $50 $50
30-minute session $100 $100 $100 $25 $25
Live Q&As for pre-scheduled sessions if recorded $50 n/a $50 n/a n/a


Speakers Presenting Topics In-person 

Hotel and food  

Presenters selected for in-person sessions living more than 30 miles from the conference venue (as determined by GoogleMaps) will receive the following:  

# of one-hour sessions Albany Hilton nights* Conference provided meals at the Hilton
1 1 Breakfast and lunch
2 2 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches
3 3 3 breakfasts, 3 lunches

* NYSFHC will make hotel reservations for presenters at least 90 days prior to the conference. Any adjustments after that date are the responsibility of the presenter. 


Travel Expense Reimbursement 

Presenters selected for two or more one-hour in-person sessions living more than 30 miles from the conference venue (as determined by GoogleMaps), will be reimbursed reasonable travel expenses, provided the following conditions are met: 

  • Completion and approval of an estimated travel expense form (to be provided by NYSFHC) at least 90 days prior to the conference. 
  • Submission of receipts prior to or within 15 days of the conference.  

Presenters living within 30 miles will be reimbursed for parking on the day(s) of any in-person session. 

Organization Presenters 

Those speakers presenting on behalf of an employer or an organization are not eligible for honorariums, hotel nights, per diems, or travel expense reimbursement. 

Presenters will receive a conference registration to NYSFHC, including in-person and on-demand events.