Webmaster Office Hours: The NYG&B Record

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The presentation has concluded but you can watch a replay above. 

Webmaster Office Hours: The NYG&B Record

Friday, December 18, 2:00 pm ET

Join NYG&B Director of Digital Services Frederick Wertz for a short live presentation and open Q&A. 

In this session, Fred will focus on the NYG&B's 150-year old journal, The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record. The complete archive of this essential source is available to search and browse exclusively on the NYG&B website. 

Topics covered:

  • Why The Record is essential for your NY State family history research
  • How to use the subject, article, and location indexes to make additional discoveries
  • How to search The Record name index and full-text versions
  • How to read the most recent issues online and find specific issues by volume, issue, or year

After the presentation, you will have the chance to ask any questions related to The Record or anything else related to the NYG&B website.