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Whether they're a budding genealogist or an advanced researcher, if they have New Yorkers in their family tree, our authoritative publications can guide them to success. 

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Essential Publications for New York Researchers

Whether you're heading back to the archives or still making discoveries online, our most essential publications will be your guide wherever your search takes you. 

New York Family History Research Guide and Gazetteer

This book serves as a definitive, comprehensive textbook for researching New York genealogy.

Use this book to develop well-informed research plans and break through brick walls with guidance on every significant collection and source that exists for New York genealogy. 

You'll find a chapter dedicated to each major type of record and where to find them in all time periods.

The book also contains a detailed chapter for each of New York's 62 counties. Bring this essential 869-page resource with you wherever your research takes you.

Available in print for $90.00 ($65 for NYG&B members) and available in digital  for $79.95 ($54.95 for NYG&B members).  

New York State Archives Collections

The vast number of unique collections available at the New York State Archives offer untold discoveries for anyone searching for New York ancestors.

With no official handbook or guide to these collections geared towards genealogists and local historians, millions of researchers with New York roots have not yet tapped into this incredible resource. 

Even those collections digitized by and others represented only a fraction of the incredible resources available at one of New York’s most valuable and treasured repositories.

The publication will provide a comprehensive overview of the holdings of the New York State Archives for those tracing families across the state of New York.

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NYG&B Guide: New York Birth, Marriage, and Death Records

New York vital records, which are crucial, but complicated, are explained in this guide.

Extracted from the 2017 Revised Edition of the New York Family History Research Guide and Gazetteer, every New York researcher will want to have this on hand. Includes information on this history of vital record-keeping in New York that all researchers need to know, as well as detailed overview New York State and New York City vital records. 

Available in print for $23.95 ($19.95 for NYG&B members) and available in digital  for $19.95 ($14.95 for NYG&B members). 

Tracing Immigrants through the Port of New York

Between the late 1700s and 1924 New York was a key gateway for millions who journeyed to the United States to establish new lives. Today, millions of Americans descend from immigrants who passed through Ellis Island and Castle Garden. 

Tracing Immigrants through the Port of New York: Early National Period to 1924 details the records and research strategies for use when tracing immigrants who passed through New York City. Genealogists, family historians, local historians, social scientists, and others will find the book essential to their research.

Compiled by Anne Sibert Buiter, PhD, professor of Economics at Birkbeck, University of London, during the past 6 years, this unique publication provides an informed perspective on a topic of interest to so many Americans.

Available in print for $34.95 ($29.95 for NYG&B members) and available in digital  for $28.95 ($23.95 for NYG&B members). 

Immigration to New York: English/British Colonial Period

Professor Buiter goes in-depth on immigration and related records for English and British colonial New York. 

A brief historical background precedes details on immigration and emigration records and some additional records that may contain immigration information. Also covered are British and colonial naturalization procedures, the naturalization records, and how to find them. 

Available in print for $15.95 ($12.95 for NYG&B members) and available in digital  for $13.95 ($11.95 for NYG&B members). 

New York Under the Dutch: Migration and Immigration

Interspersed among the Dutch records of New Netherland and New Amsterdam are those related to migration and immigration to the New World.

Readers will find an overview of records that contain information of genealogical value while maintaining a focus on the topic of migration.

Researched while writing her book, Tracing Immigrants through the Port on New York: Early National Period to 1924, Professor Buiter provides a survey of publications and original records for the period. Examples illuminate the records sets and publications throughout.

Available in print for $16.95 ($13.95 for NYG&B members) and available in digital  for $14.95 ($12.95 for NYG&B members). 

New York City Municipal Archives: An Authorized Guide

This book answers the need for historians, genealogists, students, and others to have a clear, rational description of New York City's relevant public records—where they are located, what they contain, and how they can be accessed.

If you know someone with many ancestors in New York City, they must have this book in-hand during any trip to the Municipal Archives. 

Extensive coverage is given to vital records of births, marriages, and deaths; court records; real estate records; and photographs.

Less well-known collections are also be covered, including early records of the Dutch and English colonial eras; extensive Farm Histories that trace deed chains for former Manhattan farms to their earliest days; records of the Civil War Volunteer Soldiers’ Family Aid Fund; and Almshouse Records, which span 200 years and provide information on the inmates of numerous City institutions. 

Available in print for $34.95 ($24.95 for NYG&B members)