25 Oct

Cite it! Documenting Written Narratives with Clear Citations

Friday, October 25, 2019 - 9:00am to Saturday, October 26, 2019 - 4:00pm
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36 West 44th Street, Suite 711, New York, NY 10036
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New York Genealogical and Biographical Society

Citations make research results credible. This program focuses on citations supporting written narratives in genealogical essays, including articles and reports. Subtopics include content, sequencing, and structure for citing offline and online sources. Each of eight sessions includes interactive exercises. Students should arrive with information about a specific offline or online source that they need to cite. Day one focuses on offline sources, day two on online sources.


Presented by Dr. Thomas. W. Jones CG®, CGL, FASG, FUGA, FNGS

Dr. Jones, former co-editor of National Genealogical Society Quarterly and past APG board member, BCG trustee, and president, teaches at GRIP, IGHR, and SLIG. With over forty years of research and teaching experience, he frequently lectures, teaches, and writes about genealogical methodology. His interests include “blocked” lineages and genealogical problem solving.



Registration and Coffee | Friday, 8:45 am

Why Document? | Friday, 9:15 am

This session focuses on how documentation supports genealogical writing. It introduces citations as descriptions of sources, their locations, and the locations of relevant information within sources. The session emphasizes flexibility in crafting citations that communicate clearly, completely, and concisely.

Essential Citation Elements | Friday, 10:45 am

Participants learn how to analyze offline sources to detect five kinds of information essential to clear and complete citations.

Published Versus Unpublished | Friday, 1:15 pm

Students learn how to differentiate published sources from unpublished sources and the citation conventions for each kind of source. The learn about the variations within each source category and their implications for citations.

Creating Citations | Friday, 2:45 pm

First by dissecting and unscrambling citations, then by fixing “broken” citations, and finally by examining given sources, students craft citations that clearly, completely, and concisely describe offline sources.   

Refreshments at the NYG&B | Friday, 4:15 pm


Differentiating Online Sources | Saturday, 9:30 am

Participants learn how to differentiate the three kinds of online genealogical sources, the varieties of source-image pairings, and the citation implications of each. The implications include choosing among three citation formats for different contexts.

Essential Citation Elements | Saturday, 11:00 am

Participants learn to analyze online sources and images to detect five kinds of information essential to clear and complete citations.

Practicum/Exercises | Saturday, 1:00 pm

To learn the options for citing online sources, students dissect and unscramble given citations and then fix “broken” citations.

Creating Citations | Saturday, 2:30 pm

By assessing given online sources, attendees craft citations that clearly, completely, and concisely describe the sources. The session closes with feedback on sources that students need to cite.

Refreshments | 3:45 pm


Fee includes eight sessions, morning coffee, soft drinks, and an end of day social gathering. A lunch break is scheduled (neighborhood lunch options abound) or you may purchase the optional box lunch.



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