Surrogate's Office of New York City, Abstracts Of Inventories (1730-1752, 1775-1786)

John Henry Jones
1730-1752, 1775-1786
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The inventories were transcribed by John Henry Jones by hand into a ledger book and given to the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society, which has digitized them. “This volume is now much ill used and very little cared for in that office,” wrote J.H. Jones in 1898 of the inventories for 1730–1752 which resided in the Surrogate’s Office in Manhattan. The records for 1776–1786 fared no better and he noted that the first 44 pages of this volume are missing.

More About This Collection: 

This collection is entirely handwritten, and at present there is no transcript

These records may reveal detailed estate inventories, including a breakdown of the estimated worth of the estate. Often there will be included the names of those who conducted the inventory and who the estate executors were.