New York Genealogical & Biographical Society Family Bibles

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The New York Genealogical and Biographical Society collection of family bibles presents genealogical information recorded in family Bibles that were donated to the Society. This growing collection will supplement the family Bible data found in our substantial American Bible Society Collection. Currently in the collection are:

  • Kelley-Provoost Bible 
  • The Kelley-Brandt Bible
  • The Haskell-Moore Bible


More About This Collection: 

The Kelley-Provoost Bible was a gift to Captain Samuel Kelley and his wife, Johanna Prvoost Kelley, from Johanna’s great uncle, Bishop Samuel Provoost. It is a 1775 St James Bible.

The Kelley-Brandt Bible is a secondary Mussey Bible from 1842. The first marriage recorded in the bible is between Augustus W. Kelley and Sarah Jane Brant on 9 September 1845.

Within these records you can find significant family history documents and research, including deaths, births, and marriages of family members. For example, in the Haskell-Moore Bible, there is a marriage notice of Benjamin F. Haskell to Miss Mary E. Moore, including date and location.

Please note that these are all hand-written documents. You will be able to browse the images of the original bibles and you can filter your results by family bible and year.