Marriage Announcements, New York City (1833-1836)

Frank A. Biebel

This collections contain transcriptions of marriage announcements found in two key New York newspapers, The Sun and the New York Transcript.

The author, Frank A. Biebel, has compiled announcements from The Sun from 3 September 1833 through 31 August 1835. The New York Transcript announcements compiled in this volume range from 27 May 1834 to 20 August 1835 and 4 January 1836 to 30 April 1836. 

We highly recommend researchers read the introduction to this volume, which contains important information about interpreting the transcriptions, and useful background on both newspapers. Click here to read the introduction

The 1830s – the decade of the first modern newspapers – saw newspaper circulation skyrocket and readership expanded to the general public. 

Improved technology allowed the first penny press, The Sun, to begin publishing in 1833. The New York Transcript began publication the following year.

This work has two main indexes: the Groom and the Bride. Each entry contains the following information:

  • Name of the groom
  • Name of the bride
  • Name of the minister (each record contains a number, which corresponds to the name of a minister in a separate table within the book)
  • Marriage date and place (other information if available)
  • The newspaper and date for an entry