Female Descendants of Elder William Brewster

Emma C. Brewster Jones

Search through these detailed handwritten notes to discover significant genealogical information about the Brewster family lines, including information on wills, deeds, and family correspondence. The Brewster Collection comprises twenty-seven volumes of handwritten notes painstakingly compiled by Miss Emma C. Brewster Jones, who donated her work to the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society. Her systematic compilation details the female lines that were not contained in her two-volume Brewster Genealogy (published in 1908) due to space constraints.

The collection also includes some transcribed wills, deeds, and family correspondence. For a description of the collection by volume, see the New York Genealogical and Biographical Record article “Notes on the Manuscript Records of the Female Descendants of Elder William Brewster” [Record, 44: 214–218].

More About This Collection: 

As this collection is handwritten, the text of these records is not keyword searchable. You can filter results by specific lines of descent and by Brewster wills, deeds, letters, and partial records of descendants.

These records may reveal the following about your ancestor:

  • Full name

  • Generation

  • Parents’ names

  • Date and place of birth

  • Date and place of death

  • Date and place of marriage

  • Date and place of spouse’s birth

  • Date and place of spouse’s death

  • Names of their children

  • Dates and places of the births, deaths, and marriages of their children

  • Spouses’ names of their children

  • Residence

  • Vocation

  • Education

  • Military service