Finding and Accessing New York State Birth Certificates: 1880s through the early-1900s

Thursday, April 2, 2020
Susan R. Miller
59 minutes

Program Summary

“I need my ancestor’s birth certificate!” is an often-heard plea. Learn when and how births were recorded by New York State from the late-1800s on, and how to obtain extant copies. And we’ll discuss a few strategies for when one doesn’t exist or can’t be found.

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About the Presenter

Susan R. Miller is the Director of Publications at the NYG&B. Sue has been with the NYG&B for over 25 years, researching her family history in New York and New England.

Sue is the editor of the NYG&B's award-winning publication the New York Researcher and the managing editor of the New York Family History Research Guide and Gazetteer.

She also helps organize the New York State Family History Conference as well as many other programs and events for our community.