From Our eLibrary: Methodist Protestants and the Union Cemeteries of Brooklyn (1844-1894)

Saturday, July 30, 2016 - 9:30am

Methodist Protestants and the Union Cemeteries of Brooklyn (1844-1894) was collected and compiled by long-time NYG&B member Frank A. Biebel.

The nearly 1,100 pages list over 20,000 extant Union Cemetery interments, plus Brooklyn City Register title (land) records for private lot holders. Once the Union Cemetery was closed and the remains were reinterred in Cedar Grove, lot holders received new lot numbers. These are supplied, allowing a family historian to obtain the 20th century interments directly from that cemetery. Deeds, maps of the cemeteries and photographs are included. Biebel also details the Union Cemetery’s history, and delves into the poignant histories of those who found their home in the acres surrounded by barren landscape.

Members can browse the complete works in the Digital Books Collection in our eLibrary.

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