The New York Family History School

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The goal of the New York Family History School™ (NYFHS), created in 2010, is to unite the genealogical community in New York State. Its purpose is to benefit people doing research and to help genealogical organizations serve researchers more effectively.  

The New York Genealogical and Biographical Society, the Milstein Division of the New York Public Library, and the National Archives in New York City were the founding partners.

Origins and Mission

The New York Family History School began its work by focusing on three goals:

  • To create high quality educational programming that helps people do better family history research.

  • To identify and create awareness of educational programming offered by other genealogical organizations in New York State.

  • To convene leaders of the genealogical community for the purpose of creating strategy and developing and executing larger scale projects. 

Our mission is to provide people with practical skills and know-how so they can do better family history research. We focus on families with connections to New York City, State, and region but the programs have very general applicability.

We want to help people like you work smarter and faster and gain even more personal fulfillment as you explore your own family history.  This is important because the purpose of genealogy  is to connect with our families, our communities, and our places in American history, regardless of the length of our families' experiences in America or our stations in life.

Activity & Programs

The NYFHS establishes a hub for genealogy and family history, benefiting the entire genealogy and family history community in New York. It is being developed by the staff of the NYG&B, which is underwriting the start-up costs as a service to the field, while it depends on the support of many people affiliated with many other organizations.

At the present time, we are working to build a consolidated educational programs calendar uniting the work of genealogical societies throughout New York State. We add continuously to a calendar of events region-wide that you can see in one place. If you are aware of programs that would benefit from listing here, please contact

View a chronologiical list of programs currently in the calendar. This list includes the programs of the NYG&B.

We have created as complete and accurate a list as possible of functioning genealogical organizations in the New York region with links to the relevant web sites. We add continuously to a calendar of events region-wide that you can see in one place.

The Future

The NYFHS has an ambitious growth path, and as it forms we are open to new ideas and feedback. We do intend to reach bigger, more diverse audiences; to offer access to more extensive program offerings; and we are exploring ideas for advanced study.

We are working to gain qualified partners who offer public programs of quality.

Our ambitious plans include the development of online courses, additional partnerships with other large organizations, and development of programs jointly sponsored by multiple groups, such as The New York Family History FairTM.

View NYFHS Programs