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Membership in the NYG&B is for you if you have New York connections and want to learn more about your family history, or if you simply enjoy the community of people who share your interests.

Our purpose is to help you — through the discovery of your family history — connect with your extended family, your community, and your culture and heritage. And when you can link your family’s experience with events, people, and ideas from the past, you build a personal connection with American history.

The NYG&B, founded in 1869, continually evolves and is a contemporary, forward-looking organization that welcomes everyone and embraces technology and innovation. As the hub of New York’s genealogical community, the NYG&B partners with repositories and membership societies throughout the state and region to help our members tap the most important resources available. Our focus is education: we want to help you advance your research skills, expand your knowledge, and enrich your life. We do this through programs with the top speakers in the field; publications with articles by leading experts; and exclusive online resources for members. Your membership dues will bring you many tangible benefits plus the satisfaction that comes from helping others succeed. Join us.